crude oil mobile refinery

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GM1000, GM6000
sweet crude oil, heavy crude oil
mobile refinery
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crude oil mobile refinery
mini refinery

GMS-ENERGY specializes in crude oil and refined petroleum products trading, guided by the vast business philosophy, experience, and leadership of its Chairman/CEO Samuel Shay.
GMS-ENERGY clientele is diverse: comprising buyers in several capacities – ranging from Refineries, Resellers, End Sellers, End Users, Government Agencies Worldwide, The Majors, Alliances within the Airline Industry, Hedge Funds, and together witheach component of the Consumer Line.

These relationships are our strength and currently in position to buy crude oil and petroleum products.
Due to our emphasis on quality in addition to a solid and reliable supply chain, we are focusing on Russian, Asian, European, Middle Eastern and African suppliers and buyers.

Our Global branding strategy aims at positioning GMS-ENERGY as a local brand in different world markets in conjunction with enhanced product competitiveness and strong corporate operations with Joint Venture Partners around the world.

GMS-ENERGY maintains highly ethical business standards and international reputation.
We prefer business relationships based upon truth, transparency, ethics, reliable suppliers and buyers, achieving contractual performance and mutual trust of all parties to an agreement.

GMS-ENERGY is a global player; sourcing energy related deals a worldwide network of Joint Venture Partners and Affiliates in many key Markets around the world with Established Broad Base Clientele.

In order to resolve the current problem in South Sudan about the crude oil processing.
GMS offering to install, about 20 mobile oil refineries in the country.
This solution will give immediate answer to the oil problem for the next 12-18 months during this time, a large scale refinery will be build in South Sudan.
The basic idea is the South Sudan will be fully independent in their crude oil production with be depend in any foreign country to do this.
GMS will install within the next 120 days 20 mobile oil refinery in South Sudan.


GMS Mini-Refinery and mobile refinery offers:
• Turnkey solutions to oil producers
• Proven technology used
• Plant strategically built adjacent to the oil field
• Mobile units with relocation flexibility
• Built-in modules with rapid expansion of capacity
• Minimum infrastructure required
• Four high quality products at low cost.
• Products delivered directly from own Loading Facility
• Nine to twelve months construction time
• 10-year manufacturer's warranty for the refinery equipment
• 5-year maintenance service
 General Information
the Refinery process has been developed in cooperation with leading Russian Scientific Research and Development Institutes, focusing on new technical know-how of small and medium sized oil processing; deep petroleum refining to final products of raw materials close to their source.

The advanced technology solutions used as a base for the equipment design make it possible to work with a wide spectrum of raw materials:

• Crude oil
• Gas Condensate and their mixtures

Utilizing effectively existing refineries excesses of fuel oils and petroleum residue; heavy remains; waste oil and petroleum sludge, offering interesting economical prospects of producing high quality petroleum products.

A standard refinery module has an output capacity of 7,000-10,000 Mt per month and a refinery will normally comprise of three to four modules to produce 250,000 Mt to 300,000 Mt per annum. Larger capacity can easily be implemented by increasing the number of modules and related configuration.

The refinery modules are assembled and erected on the building site.

The commissioning, testing and start-up of the plant will be performed by specialized personnel.

Training of local staff and various schemes of progressive administration will be performed.

Modular Technology
The picture shows a modular unit with a capacity of 84,000 Mt per year. It is convenient and efficient to install three to four modules into one refinery plant to reach total capacity of 250,000 to 300,000 Mt per year.

If the demand is greater than 500,000 Mt per year, it would be possible to design a custom built modular unit with capacity of 100,000 to 150,000 Mt per year. These larger units will use the same technology.

The highest tower is less than 15m high and the plot requirement for one unit is 30 x 40 meters.

The full set of refinery equipment of 70,000 Mt of crude oil capacity per year has a total weight of 18 Metric Tons.

Local Requirements
The land should have access to the raw hydrocarbon source, and possess appropriate permits for erecting the Refinery plant and the safety operations including maintenance.

The site needs between 1.2 to 1.5 hectare of flat land and should have, subject to local law:
• A sanitary-protective zone with a radius of 1000m, to protect human settlements
• Water supply
• Electric supply 400 KW

A reputable local contractor will be required to comply with the local regulations; perform the service to obtain all local permits to carry out the civil construction (site preparation, foundations, water, sewage, pipeline, mechanical and electrical connections; and to provide skilled labor for the erection of refinery).

Reliable Technology

As to technology, it is very simple and well known as “fractioning by heating”. The technology of Crude Oil fractioning consists of splitting of hydrocarbons of different boiling points, division and separation of raw materials into fractions by heating with the subsequent condensation of vapors.

According to the facts given by the client, a preliminary design and technical specification will be made for the Refinery to produce the preferred range of hydrocarbons, limited only by the composition of the crude oil (feedstock).

As a rule, three items are needed to commence a Refinery project:
• Crude oil / gas condensate analysis;
• Preferred Refinery capacity, based on available volume of feedstock, and
• Market preferences for finished products, maximum output of gasoline, gasoil, fuel oil, bunker, furnace oil, aromatics, naptha etc.
GMS-ENERGY’S designs its skid-mounted modular equipment for placement on concrete slab foundations. With conventional foundation-mounted equipment, each piece of equipment is placed on its individual foundation and welders pipe the equipment together. This “stickbuilt” method requires longer construction time than GMS-ENERGY’S modular fabrication. GMS-ENERGY’S manufactures new and refurbished process units in its factory’s. Supplying refurbished process equipment with a warranty equal to new equipment is a major share of the business today. Utilizing refurbished process equipment can result in substantial cost savings and accelerated completion schedules when compared with new equipment. GMS-ENERGY equipment is designed to be transported by land or sea to any location. The equipment is fabricated in the same configuration as the process unit site plan. All piping, instruments, and electrical connections are made between the skids and tested. After completion of testing, the equipment is disassembled, packed, shrink-wrapped, and shipped.


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